Appointment to California Employment Training Panel

Thank you Toni G. Atkins, Speaker of the Assembly, for appointing me to the California Employment Training Panel.

The ETP is a labor and business-supported state agency that funds vocational training, and has contributed more than $1 Billion toward training workers in over 80,000 businesses since 1982.

I will seek to uphold ETP’s mission of connecting quality training to good paying, long-term jobs, while also advocating for the interests of workers, businesses, and taxpayers.

In my current work with IBEW Local 569 and Building Trades, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of apprenticeship programs. These programs allow participants to ‘earn while they learn’ and strengthen businesses by providing a highly-skilled, well trained workforce. I will also seek to continue my work in supporting the growth of the green economy and investments in quality training aligned with good-paying, green jobs.

‪#‎WorkforceDevelopment‬ (Photo by Jeremy D. Thompson)


Over the past few months I’ve been having conversations with friends, leaders, and community members about who could run for mayor and stand up for our communities.

Leading up to the democratic convention, we all watched with disappointment as our leaders declared their candidacy for other offices. The conversations became more difficult and I could see people beginning to feel hopeless. In a few of these conversations, my close friends and colleagues suggested I have strong leadership qualities and might be the person we were looking for. As I was sitting in the audience at the convention listening to our members and leaders, I became inspired to take action.

I decided in that moment that I could be the spark, represent our values, and speak up for our communities. As the last of the candidates was addressing the audience, I took a deep breath, approached the podium, and announced that I am running for Mayor.

I am thankful for the outpouring of support and affirmation of trust from friends, family, and community members to be their candidate.

I am committed to the values that are important to us, and I’m excited to share my vision for a better San Diego that will build bridges of opportunity for all. I look forward to continuing working with you to build the stronger city we all deserve.

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Five Priorities to RAISE San Diego

1. Create a San Diego that is more RESPONSIVE  

Local government should respond to the needs of our communities. Our community groups are laboratories for finding solutions to improve our neighborhoods, but they aren’t being heard by the current mayor. For example, instead of celebrating street benches built by community members, the mayor is ripping them out.

To make our city government more responsive, I propose creating a meaningful role for town councils and neighborhood groups to inform city decisions and ensure that city actions provide solutions that we want and that we need.

2. Create a San Diego that is more AFFORDABLE

We need a city that is affordable for everyone. If you work here, you should be able to live here. If you make a career here, you should be able to retire here. That is why I support the creation of more affordable housing and raising the minimum wage.

The current mayor opposes an increase to the minimum wage and opposes providing earned sick days that allow hard working people to take care of themselves and their families. Our economy doesn’t work unless it supports everyone who lives here, and San Diegans deserve a mayor who supports them.

3. Create a San Diego that is more INNOVATIVE

San Diego’s economy is driven by innovation. We can lead the nation as a hub of innovation if we prioritize investments in training people. Unfortunately, that is not a priority for the current mayor who is instead focusing on corporate interests.

To become a world-class city, I propose we prepare our young people to be successful in the 21st century and drive the innovation economy. By training our own to become the best and the brightest, we will also attract the talent and investments to expand our innovation economy.

4. Create a San Diego that is more SUSTAINABLE

San Diego is positioned to be a global leader in addressing climate change and sustainability. Coastal San Diego is living the reality of climate change everyday and we know we can’t wait. What we do here can and should set a national example.

The water hasn’t risen to the mayor’s office on the 11th floor of City Hall, but it’s rising in our communities. Businesses in Ocean Beach are piling sandbags higher every year. That is why I have been active in finding solutions and propose the city develop an infrastructure plan that protects our natural resources, provides for water independence, and prepares for extreme weather conditions from droughts to floods.

5. Create a San Diego that is more EMPOWERING

For too long, downtown politics have drowned out the voices of our communities. It will take all of our residents to build a better San Diego. We need to empower and uplift all communities to ensure everyone has a voice in the solutions that will transform our city.

Participation in our democracy is one way that people can have a stake in the decisions that affect their everyday lives. I propose a city government that is transparent and seeks the input of residents on all major decisions.

Make San Diego a place where people thrive, not just survive.